The Boxed Crook Campaign

The Story So Far
The entirety of fall 2011 in one post.

(21 Sept) Outskirts of Praecordia. You were hired by a young wizard named Cyrus to steal a magical orb from the summer home of the recently deceased Duke Manley Duke. After successfully killing several guards, three civilians, and an inquisitor, you retrieved the orb, some loot, and a battered journal written in a strange language. Upon giving the orb to Cyrus, a new squad of guards converged on your position and demanded the artifact. Cyrus muttered an incantation, opening a dark portal and summoning a shadow beast that decimated the guards. After defeating the beast, the remaining police forces of the city surrounded and arrested you for Cyrus’s crimes.

(30 Sept) Praecordia Penitentiary. Although you were cleared of Cyrus’s crimes, outstanding warrants resulted in imprisonment anyway. After staging a jail break and retrieving your weapons, a shadar-kai avenger named Kadri guided you through a secret passage into some old sewers and underground tunnels before demanding your help in killing Cyrus. You encountered dark ones and wraiths until you located Cyrus, now a shade, in the sewers. You easily killed his retinue and managed to cripple him, but he opened another portal to the Shadowfell, killing Kadri in the process. That is, until she was raised again as a revenant, her life’s work still undone.

(7 Oct) Selani Forest. After resting, you awoke to an irate and injured revenant glowering at your campfire. Kadri informed you that her physiology had been altered by the Raven Queen and that she was too weak to assist you in your endeavors today (much to her chagrin). After learning of a cave and a camp of shadar-kai heretics, you set out in search of clues and equipment. You defeated many a spider and scraped through an encounter with a dire bear, then decimated the shadar-kai until their witch summoned a devourer from the Shadowfell. It ate and nearly killed two of your party, but you survived and discovered a map and scrolls with strange writing. Kadri discerned that the language was Supernal and realized that she could read it, and you all agreed to rest before moving to the town indicated on the map.

(21 Oct) Town of Fleet. You arrived at Fleet somewhat bedraggled from your romp in the forest. You impressively irritated/manipulated/duped/swindled/befriended half the town, including Bryce the tailor, then massacred some twenty-odd bandits led by Billy Bob Thornton. You are now quite wealthy and quite well-equipped for future adventures.

(28 Oct) Ruins. After a lengthy battle with three shadar-kai warriors, two shadar-kai witches, and a trapped altar, you acquired the Hand of Vecna. Thus far, you are extremely conflicted about what to do with it, but since Cyrus seems to be interested in it, you’ve stored it in your haversack.

(2 Nov) Town of Fork. While Vincent attached the Hand of Vecna and recuperated from the blood loss, the rest of you tamed a horse and confronted a strange creature known as a bodak. Afterwards, you all traveled to the town of Fork to examine the bounty board. You took two side quests to investigate disappearances at the crossroads’ watchtower and at Mirror Lake. At the tower, you battled the ghosts of the guards, who had been ritually sacrificed by shadar-kai heretics; at the lake, you spoke with an aboleth, who had traveled through a portal opened by the same. From these encounters, you gleaned that the shadar-kai had ventured west.

(19 Nov) Dilapidated Tower. You arrived at what you knew to be an old mage tower. It showed evidence of a recent break-in by your enemies, who seem to be searching for something. You found some useful alchemical items on the first floor guarded by a brain in a jar and six lich claws. On floor two, you fought more bodaks and shadar-kai heretics. On floor three, you rested. On floor four, Vincent’s Hand of Vecna-induced split personality, Lord Virescent Rex, manipulated three reapers, agents of Vecna, into weakening the bodak reaver on floor five. On floor six, you found a book with a secret page and a wall with a mouth, relating the story of a portal on the twelfth and final floor. You then faced several shadar-kai heretics on floor seven, one of which ran upstairs to alert his superiors.

(20 Nov) Dilapidated Tower. You continued to the eighth floor of the tower, where you fought a quartet of shadow snakes. You then used Kadri’s detection abilities to determine that there were shadar-kai heretics, reapers, and a group of cultists on the ninth floor. Using his newly-developed wings, Vincent smashed through the floorboards beneath the cultists, instantly killing them, and turned the reapers to his cause, enabling a quick defeat of the shadar-kai. Vegryn then easily disabled a trap on the tenth floor by crawling on the ceiling over its pressure plates to get to its source point. Impatient, Vincent smashed through the eleventh floor without assessing what was there, allowing Cyrus, a nightwalker, and four bodaks (formerly shadar-kai) to get the drop on you. Cyrus taunted you by throwing away the Eye of Vecna, then demonstrated his power by nearly halving your health before leaving the battle. Though it was a hard fight, Kadri’s newfound ability of resurrection and the rolling of three ones in a row the failure of the nightwalker’s summoning spell allowed you to reach the twelfth floor, where the deactivated portal lay.

(30 Nov) Town of Crescent. Having cleared the dilapidated tower, you returned to the town of Crescent. At the behest of Lord Virescent Rex, you traveled to the tiny Crescent Islet, where you found an irritable Kas the Betrayer. Upon Rex’s challenge, Kas severed and permanently destroyed the Hand of Vecna with his Sword. While Vincent fell unconscious, you decided to proceed in search of the items you needed to open the tower’s portal. Acting on some cryptic information from a surly one-eyed bartender named Viktor, you purchased a cart and traveled to the mining and port town of Delta. There, you met lesbian bartendress Roxana and Bryce the tailor’s brother, Bryan (also a tailor), and cousin, Bridgette (madam of a brothel), from whom Vegryn acquired a +2 Whip of Dominance. With the help of a cooper named Cooper, Soleil and Vincent converted the cart into a palanquin. You all then traveled into the woods, where Vimak removed a darkflame stone from a dryad’s grove using his Amulet of Passage. Afterwards, you cleared the Drassit Astral Diamond Mines of evil forces caused by Cyrus’s transporting the Eye of Vecna into the deepest mine shaft. You are now ready to proceed to Drassit to unravel the mysteries of the evil Baroness and retrieve the bronzed skull needed to open the portal in the tower.


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