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  • Arx

    The continent/kingdom in which the campaign takes place.

  • Praecordia

    The capital city of [[Arx]]. Everyone in the party is a wanted criminal there, but fortunately Praecordia's affairs don't trickle out to the countryside much.

  • Fleet

    A southeasterly located town. It is bordered to the west by [[Selani Forest]], to the east by nonspecific [[Ruins]], and to the south by [[Penhasco]].

  • Fork

    A centrally-located town at a four-way intersection. To the northeast is a [[Guard Tower]] and to the southeast is [[Mirror Lake]].

  • Ruins

    Temple ruins east of the town of [[Fleet]], corrupted by the evil influence of the Hand of Vecna.

  • Mirror Lake

    Named for the still, reflective quality of its water, Mirror Lake serves as a freshwater reservoir for most of [[Arx]]. When people began to disappear along its shores, the townspeople of [[Fork]] offered a reward for anyone who would investigate.

  • Crescent Islet

    A tiny island southwest of [[Crescent]], accessible by bridge. Home of Kas the Betrayer.

  • Drassit

    The other major city of [[Arx]], run by a mysterious and not altogether well-liked Baroness.

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